Monday, 7 July 2014

What the research says - Plain Packaging

Below is a short list of the current research (from 2014) on the success or otherwise of Plain Packaging of tobacco in Australia.  I do not intend in this blog to make any sort of value judgements or analysis of the articles below, other than to include only reports that are publicly available for all to read.  The data used in each report is not generally publicly available, but the methods by which that data is obtained is described in each case.

The order in which they are listed is simply the order in which I have come across the reports.  In some cases, reports were found through references form previous reports.  If you should come across other reports that you feel should validly be included here, then feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Ashok Kaul and Michael Wolf (2014), The (Possible) Effect of Plain Packaging on the Smoking Prevalence of Minors in Australia: A Trend Analysis

Ashok Kaul and Michael Wolf (2014), The (Possible) Effect of Plain Packaging on Smoking Prevalence in Australia: A Trend Analysis

Laverty, Watt, Arnott & Hopkinson (2014)Standardised packaging and tobacco-industry-funded research

Chantler (2014),  Plain Packaging Review :Independent Review into standardised packaging of tobacco

Jane M Young, Ingrid Stacey, Timothy A Dobbins, Sally Dunlop, Anita L Dessaix and David C Currow(2014), Association between tobacco plain packaging and Quitline calls: a population-based, interrupted time-series analysis