Thursday, 24 May 2012

NT Education Department aquires C2C units from Qld Education Department

I've written previously in regards to the difficulties faced by Queensland teachers in implementing the Australian Curriculum, mainly due to the faults in the units of work written by Education Queensland, known as the C2C units.  Despite some earlier confusion and mixed messages, the Director-General of Education did finally confirm that the use of C2C units were not mandated, and that they were written as examples of how the Australian Curriculum could be taught.

It turns out that the Northern Territory government has recently aquired the rights to the C2C units, and has mandated all teachers in the territory to teach the C2C units, down to pre-written the lesson plans. 

Apart from the loss of professional choice and responsibility, some of the provided materials potentially breach existing copyright, and some of the science experiments may be dangerous to students and staff.  Forcing teachers to follow such a highly prescriptive curriculum is not just  insulting to teachers, but also highly regressive.

I can only encourage teachers in the Northern Territory to have serious discussions with their Principals and Regional Directors, and do their best to fight such a decision that will only result in lower standards of education and morale amongst students and staff.

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